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What a week!  This post is a little late this week because I was finishing a book and enjoying some moments of not studying for a few days.  That’s right – my exam was yesterday morning.  I was feeling the pressure this week, as my preparation for it was all-consuming.  Very little reading, no fun whatsoever.  Thank goodness that it’s over…for now.  Six weeks until my next exam, but I’m not thinking about that until tomorrow.

How cool is my dad?  I received a package in the mail on Thursday from him.  As a good luck present, he sent me a signed copy of Blood Promise by Richelle Mead, the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series.   The note alone made my day, but the fact that I got a signed book makes it that much better.  And it’s a vampire book?!  Seriously, my dad just got bonus cool points for that one. 

These past few days have been absolutely awesome.  I am happy to report that I passed my exam.  Even better, my pregnant friend gave birth on Friday, so after my exam, I went to visit her in the hospital and got my baby fix.  He is a gorgeous new born, and the new mom and dad are absolutely glowing with happiness.  It was beautiful to witness.  Holly did really well in her soccer game, and Connor got two assists in his game.  My house is decorated for fall for the first time ever.  The weather is unbelievable right now.  And I just watched the most amazing trailer for New Moon AND watched Muse perform live for the MTV Video Music Awards for the first time ever.  Life is good right now.

In addition, between yesterday and today, I was able to finish the RIP Challenge.  I finished Joe Hill’s The Heart-Shaped Box and Charlaine Harris’ From Dead to Worse.  I’ll be working on those reviews this week.  I also started M. Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage for my book club.  That one is scheduled for the next five weeks, so you’ll be seeing me list that one quite a few times next month. 

As for this week, I have no idea what I’ll be reading.  I think it is going to be the first few books that are close at hand.  I’m going to participate in the Fall into Reading Challenge and the Banned Book Challenge later this month.  I need to get those lists compiled.  In addition, I need to pick another book for my Random Reading Challenge.  And next week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  I can’t wait to see to meet new bloggers and participate next week.  It looks like it’s going to be a blast!

Have a great week, all, and happy reading!

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