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BBAW ButtonIn case you’ve been under a rock lately, this week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  One of the last posts this week is a short “State of the Blog” address, where I get to declare where I want to take my blog during the next year.  I’ve been struggling to write this particular post because I haven’t quite figured out just where I want to take this thing.  Every time I think I have some free time to devote to my blog, I get a dose of reality in the form of work commitments, family commitments or having to study for this crazy exam.  When I truly get down, then I question what I really want – do I want to focus solely on books or do I want to expand into other interests?  Should I cut down on the Twilight fangirl stuff?  I really hate the name of my blog and think that I could come up with something so much better, but can I change it this late in the game?

So, this week, as I discover new amazing bloggers that literally put me to shame, I’m left wondering just what to do with mine.  I love blogging, and I think my dissatisfaction right now is not having time to do it the way I truly want to do it.  So, I will be checking out all the bloggers, learning from them and figuring out just what I want to do with mine.

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