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Random Reading Challenge ButtonIn my excitement over Carl’s RIP Challenge, I’ve neglected this very fun challenge hosted by Wendy at Caribou’s Mom.  It’s such a fun challenge, in addition to being helpful.  Sometimes, a gal just can’t figure out which book to read next!  So, why not let a random number generator help you figure it out?  It works as well as any other method…like closing your eyes and grabbing or letting your son choose for you. 
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth GilbertRather than just randomly choosing books from my TBR pile, I just went with all of them.  There are only thirty books I have physically on-hand, so it wasn’t a huge list.  The randomness of the choices was more in how they were listed.  The magical random number generator thought that the fifth book on my list would be a great next read.  So, that means that Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is my next book (after I finish Grace Hammer, that is)!  Tammy at Tammy’s Book Nook is the one who got me intrigued by this book and is the reason I picked it up at the bookstore several months ago.  I am very excited to read it!
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