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My husband has been a team leader for a production plant for the past two years.  During that time, he’s worked both second, and most recently, third shift.  He had the opportunity to jump ship and come on board with my company and took it.  On Monday, he starts his new job, which will be during first shift, with my company.  We are all very excited about the chance of being a normal family again.

My husband decided to throw together a party of both friends from his current employer and friends we’ve made through my work.  Now, you have to understand that my idea of a party is very low-key.  Beer, maybe some wine (but not usually), easy-peasy food to make, nothing fancy.  I stress about these events anyway, so I have been making a concerted effort to reign things in and lower my stress levels.  I like entertaining but with people who are just as low-key and low-maintenance as I am.  ,

So how to instantly increase your stress levels in a matter of seconds?  Your boss accepts your invitation and is going to bring his family.  I got the brilliant idea yesterday to invite my boss. He lives 40 miles away in a house that is immaculate – no spots in the carpet, no dents or marks on the walls, perfectly decorated, huge. My house? It’s clean but definitely used. With two big dogs and two kids, the hardwood floors have seen better days, we’re actively considering replacing the carpet downstairs, the walls are in desperate need of spackle – you catch my drift.  HS!! When I got his note, my blood pressure immediately spiked.  He’s a spirits drinker, and I have none in the house.  He’s extremely observant, and my house, again while clean, definitely needs some TLC.  Damn.  I like my boss; he’s been very good to me and is very easy to get along with – but it’s my boss…in. my. house!! 

So, do I go out and get his favorite types of liquors?  Anyone have any great, easy but more high-brow appetizers or knock-out party dishes that they would recommend?  Because I’m going to have to start cleaning the house tonight…and the party’s on Saturday.  Maybe I can find some ways to hide the dented walls and chipped paint? 

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