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Guess what day it is today? The day Muse releases their latest album, Resistance!! Woo hoo! In case you missed it, here is their performance of their first single from that album, Uprising, as performed on Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. This is HUGE for them because while they are one of the most popular bands outside of the U.S., nobody knows about them here. They rocked the awards, and hopefully gained quite a few new fans in the process.

In addition, with one more month left to go before they release the soundtrack, we are beginning to get new details on which bands are going to be showcased on the New Moon album. The first release? Death Cab for Cutie specifically wrote a song for the soundtrack and is the first single released. What do you think?

In completely unrelated news, my daughter started ballet classes tonight. She’s been wanting to take ballet lessons for two years, but this was the first year we could find a way to fit it into our schedules. I lost cool points for getting her the wrong ballet shoes (slippers rather than official shoes), but she loved it and is very anxious to continue. The poor girl literally changed in the restroom, and then I dropped her off at soccer practice. But since she declared just last night how much she loves soccer, she better get used to a crazy schedule this fall! My mission this weekend is to find some place that sells legit beginner ballet shoes to get back those cool points.

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