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I mentioned last week how busy this fall is going to be.  This past week only confirmed my suspicions.  My daughter started her first day of kindergarten and even wants to go back – which is always a sign of success.  We also had open house, soccer practices, soccer pictures, parades, first soccer games, a belated birthday party for my daughter, and piano lessons.  Whew.  In spite of it all, I managed to get caught up on my studying.  Only two more weeks to go until that first exam.  I am definitely getting more and more concerned as the day quickly approaches.  My fingers hurt from writing so much, and I’ve started dreaming of notecards and various accounting-related subject matters.  I even dreamed that I was flipping through my flashcards and quizzing myself, complete with answering them!  I imagine that this is going to get worse over the next two weeks.

As you can imagine, my reading fell by the wayside this week.  My decision to only focus on The Brothers Karamazov may not have been the best decision last week because I still haven’t finished it yet.  I get a few pages into it each night and promptly fall asleep.  That may be due to the five to six hours of sleep I get each night and sheer exhaustion or else it is a sign of why I need to read this book all in one sitting.  With roughly 100 pages to go, I’m really hoping to finish it this week.  I signed up for the RIP Challenge IV this week and have several books for it that I can’t wait to start reading. 

In addition, I hit B&N again this week.  I really should know better than to walk in there under any false ideas of not walking out of there with books of my own.  I went in to purchase some books for each of my children in honor of celebrating the new school year and walked out with three books for each, including for myself.  Oops!  That place is so dangerous, although this trip I was irked by the staff.  I knew exactly what I wanted to get for each of the kids, and I was browsing through the books for myself, because browsing is half the fun.  Unfortunately, in the twenty minutes I was browsing the shelves, I was asked if I was finding everything okay at least four times.  Four times!! My arms are full of books – does it look like I am having difficulties finding books?  It really detracted from my book shopping experience and solidifies my impression that online shopping is the way to go. 

This week’s goal is to finally finish reading about the Karamazov brothers.  They make some of our modern family dramas seem tame by their antics and overly dramatic discussions.  I’m still enjoying the journey, but I am definitely ready for the journey to end.  I’m not going to promise to anything else because while my husband is away on a business trip this week, I have to shuttle the kids to their various appointments by myself.  Keeping up with my study schedule is going to be challenging enough without committing myself to any additional books.  Besides, with two weeks to go before this exam, I feel that I don’t need any additional distractions from studying, like I know any one of my TBR books would do.  Professional development – it’s a great thing but sometimes it does take the fun out of reading for pleasure when deadlines are hanging over your head.

Have a great week, everyone and happy reading!

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