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As I suspected, this week was extremely busy. A very quick two-day business trip to Minneapolis flanked by soccer practices and more work than I could possibly accomplish during the business day left me frazzled and exhausted each day this week. I was able to make headway on The Brothers Karamazov thanks to my two flights, but I was only able to finish one book this week. I’m still behind on my book reviews as well. Overall, I’m pretty disappointed in how far behind I really am on the things I truly want to get done.

My plan this week is to really focus and stay ahead on The Brothers Karamazov. I want to at least write the three reviews, if not post them all. In addition, I plan to start Julie and Julia. I also have Hush, Hush calling my name as well. That’s the plan, at least. I’ll let you know next week how well I did!

Have a great week, everyone, and happy reading!

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