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Playing House by Fredrica Wagman
I received this in the mail today. While the topic may be a bit controversial, I enjoyed Fredrica Wagman’s The Lie so much that when asked if I would review this, I jumped at the chance. I can’t wait to see if this leaves me just as raw, as emotional as my previous foray into her novels. A huge shout-out to Julie Harabedian at FSB Associates for sending this my way. As I said, I’m really excited about my second Fredrica Wagman book. Now I just need to finish The Brothers Karamazov.

Ceri over at Not In the Pink made my day today by passing along the Me-To-You blogger award. Me-To-You Blogger AwardHey, it’s only my second award, and I’m shameless enough to admit that I get a secret thrill whenever someone else reads my ramblings, let alone thinks about me enough to give me any recognition. Since I enjoy the thrill, and the award is supposed to be passed along, I’ve got to give a shout-out to my favorite bloggers, the ones who got me started on this and encouraged me and provided me support when I was just starting out (okay, I’m still a blogging newbie compared to them, but I’m getting better). So, here’s who I would like to recognize:

Chris at book-a-rama
Kristy at Just Another Blogger
Stephanie at Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-a-holic
Teddy at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time
Deb at Pardon my French
Tammy at Tammy’s Book Nook
And Hope at The Blog of Hope, whose writing puts me to shame and who I wish would blog more to share some of her fabulous thoughts on life.

Lastly, I had to share this post from The Twilight Moonlighter. It seems that someone got the brilliant idea to try to design Bella’s wedding dress (from Breaking Dawn). InStyle Magazine has all the scope and the designs from some of the hottest dress designers out there. I know which one I prefer. Which one best fits your mental image of that all-important dress?

That’s all I got today. Tomorrow is my daughter’s preschool graduation. Oh, how time flies!

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