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TSS ButtonI have to say that I did what I set out to do this week as far as reading is concerned. I posted my review of Wounded by School, by Kirsten Olson, and finished Persona Non Grata, by Ruth Downie. I still have to post the review of that, but I should have it finished soon. I started one of my self-help books, but since I have a six-hour drive home tomorrow, I hope to put a significant dent in it, if not finish it. I did not read as much as I wanted to read in Middlemarch, but as I continue to read, more and more of the book comes back to me. It appears I paid closer attention to it when I read it in 1996 than I initially thought.

My children start their two-week visit with their grandparents tomorrow, so the sky is the limit on what I read this week. Without the kids, household chores and other time commitments become a lot less time-consuming, freeing me up to do whatever I want. And since that my husband still has to work third shift, I get huge amounts of uninterrupted free time during the next two weeks. I want to say that I will finish both of my self-help books, get ahead on my Middlemarch reading, and re-read the Twilight series to be able to finally review them. That’s my goal, which I feel is extremely achievable. I’m looking forward to seeing if I can live up to my expectations!
The only thing that would possibly limit my reading is movies. I still need to watch most of the first season of True Blood, and there are SO many movies available On Demand that I could watch one or two movies a night and still not get caught up. I guess how much I read depends on whether I actually feel like watching a movie. It also depends on how much I play online. My time online turns out to be quite a time-sucker as well. It would definitely be nice to get caught up on all the books I want to read. That way, I may feel more comfortable signing up for my first reading challenge one of these days.

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