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You know the best part about the kids being gone? The silence. The utter and complete silence that prevails now that I do not have to nag and scold and yell for them to do their chores or stop fighting. I have been taking advantage of the silence by reading and playing online – okay, mostly playing online and my husband and I did go out and see a movie, but today I’ve been reading. And it’s been wonderful!

This week, I did achieve my goal of finishing one of my self-help books from FSB Associates. I also started and finished The Rapture by Liz Jensen and just need to write the review now. This was another ARC and was fabulous! I went right from that to another one of the Sookie Stackhouse books in an effort to cleanse my palate a bit. I’m hoping to finish that up tonight as well.

This week’s Booking through Thursday asked us to count or list the unread books we have on hand. I ended up at 26, read one of those and added six more over the weekend. I like having so many possibilities available to me, depending on my mood at the time I pick up a book. There are some books I’m just dying to read but I’m trying to savor the anticipation by not diving in right away. Sometimes, that anticipation is half the enjoyment from a book!

Next week, I hope to continue to focus on reading as I enjoy my last week without the kids. Of course, I have to take some time out to watch the latest Harry Potter film. We opted not to go on opening day, since my husband will just be coming off a ten-day-straight work schedule, but we will be seeing it at 6:40 PM on Thursday. I can’t wait to see what they do with the horcrux and Harry and Ginny’s blossoming romance! Have a great week, everyone!

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