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The Maxims of Manhood
As I obviously am not a man and cannot fully appreciate this book, I gave it to my friend, a single, forty-something male who has definitely lived life. He provided the comments and critiques for this book. Thanks, Scott!!

And thanks to FSB Associates for the book!

Title: Maxims of Manhood

Author: Jeff Wilser

No. of Pages: 240

First Released: May 2009

Synopsis: 100 Rules every man should live his life by with real life examples

Comments and Critiques: Funny and thoughtful. There are many different topics handled here (sports, work etc.). Actually, the divisions are 3 types divided by how serious you should take them:

Clearly tongue in cheek. These rules and examples will give a good laugh. For example a real man should never have window treatments? Obviously, only an idiot or a college student would still tack a towel over a window as a curtain.

Obvious rules of manners and courtesy from a man’s man point of view. Buying rounds in a bar is a good way to judge a man’s character for his buddies. Any man who never buys drinks deserves the bad friends he will have to hang with.

Actual maxims of life. Be good to old people, protect your family, don’t try to score sex from your friend’s sister……unless you want to marry her. These rules when broken, are usually the types of errors that can cause a man pain in his life.

All in all, an enjoyable read delivered in easy to swallow bites.

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