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On Saturday, my family is heading up to Wisconsin for vacation. I’ve been busy getting ready, scheduling posts for next week and just preparing myself. This will be the first vacation in five years where I don’t have any homework to do during the week we’re gone. This means that I do not have to bring my laptop with me for this vacation. However, the thought of going a week without being connected to the Internet scares the pants off of me. We will be spending some of the time in a hotel, so I could still bring it and check up on things after the kids are in bed. Is that cheating? Should I just pull the plug and live with it?

Another issue I’m weighing which others may be better able to understand – books. Do I bring lots of paperbacks, or do I bring heavier tomes? How many? Should I be ambitious and lug around books I hope to get to read but may not? I’m sure that no matter what I decide, my husband will not be happy because it will still involve numerous books. But it is vacation, and what is vacation without a little reading?! 😉

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