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Weekly Geeks ButtonThis week’s Weekly Geeks topic was suggested by Sheri of A Novel Menagerie. She writes:

“Reading Challenges: a help or a hurt? Do you find that the reading challenges keep you organized and goal-oriented? Or, do you find that as you near the end of a challenge that you’ve failed because you fell short of your original goals? As a result of some reading challenges, I’ve picked up books that I would have otherwise never heard of or picked up; that, frankly, I have loved. Have you experienced the same with challenges? If so, which ones? Do you have favorite reading challenges?”

As we pass the halfway point of 2009, how are you doing with your reading challenges? Did you participate in any challenges this year?

Honestly, I still rather scared and intimidated by reading challenges. I hesitate to get involved in them because I still have SO many books on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I find myself struggling to find time to actually fit in reading into my schedule between blogging, exercise, household chores, family time, and the like. Part of the problem is that I am not one to read more than one book at a time. I can do it; I just don’t like to do it whenever possible. So, I fear that if I were to get involved in any reading challenges, something else would suffer – like my reading for my book club or my books to review or something else. I think, at this point in time, my fear is more related to not having done one, and I’m sure that once I actually take the plunge, I will like it. However, I’m just not quite ready to take that plunge yet. I keep my eyes peeled though in the hopes that one of these days, I’ll come across a reading challenge I just can’t ignore!

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