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The Sunday Salon ButtonThis is my inaugural post for The Sunday Salon. I like the idea of being able to reflect on the past week to share what I’ve accomplished with slogging through my TBR piles and to look ahead to what I hope to complete. It will also be interesting to see just how successful I am at finishing what I intend to finish.

This week I struggled with my reading. The latest books on the advanced copy pile are self-help books, which I tend to read really slowly. Thankfully, due to our five-hour drive to Pittsburgh for my niece’s graduation party, I was able to finish one advanced copy book. The one I finished was entitled Wounded by School by Kirsten Olson, and I’m still thinking through what I’m going to say on the write-up. I was also able to make headway on my book club book, Middlemarch. I’m still behind on that but at least I am no longer three weeks behind our reading schedule. Last night, I started another advanced copy book, Persona Non Grata. I’m hoping to finish that as well as at least one more self-help book this week. We have another trip planned this week, with another six-hour drive, so I’m hoping to really hit the advanced copy books hard and be able to expand into my personal TBR pile a bit more. You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

I hope everyone had a great Sunday, and happy reading!

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