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Six years ago, I started a journey to enter the business world wrestling with the decision to get either an MBA or a Masters’ in Accounting. (I chose an MBA with a concentration in accounting.) In the course of those six years, I had my daughter, moved twice, changed jobs three times, and took an additional 30 credits of undergrad business and accounting courses before starting a graduate program officially. I knew nothing about business and very little about accounting. To think that I am now in a position of some authority in my organization, making business decisions that have a lasting impact on the company and will be sitting for the CMA exams in the fall, it is a position I never would have considered when I started. I’ve made several friends along the way and have had so many different experiences that it is going to take me a while to process everything. It’s been a long journey, and I am thankful that it is drawing to a close. I’m ready to put aside my life as a student and see just how far I can take my new knowledge. On to bigger and better things!!

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