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What is it about a fresh page on a calendar to help clear the mind and inspire the soul? And it’s not just a new month, but also a new week, a new day. Although she is the world’s greatest procrastinator, Scarlett may have been on to something with her “After all, tomorrow is another day.” I mean, how refreshing is it to realize that no matter how crappy a day/week/month it is, we can start fresh the next day/week/month. Not only is it refreshing but empowering. For my own part, I’ve taken a fresh stab at weight loss and a new lifestyle change. I’m back at the gym and watching what I eat in an effort to get back into shape. Here’s to new beginnings!

I’ve been going back and forth on whether to say anything about the New Moon trailer that premiered last night on the MTV Movie Awards. Then again, I’ve seen it six times now and STILL get goosebumps! So, here’s the link, thanks to Twilight Lexicon – it is UNbelievable! Let me know what you think!

Speaking of movies, I just got this bit of information about the Eclipse movie. Apparently, they are getting ready to audition certain key roles from that movie as well. All this Twilight series news – I don’t think November can come fast enough!!

As for other movies of interest, let me just post my disappointment at the “exclusive” scene from Harry Potter that they also showed last night on the Movie Awards. That scene has been available online for several months now. Given that the movie is being released in July (they actually moved up the date by two days – woohoo!), you would think that they would release something new to further attract fans. I hope Warner Brothers starts really promoting this movie.

That’s all I got for now. I’m hoping to post two more book reviews tomorrow. I would have done it tonight but paying bills came first!

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