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I was sitting in traffic this afternoon trying to get home. There is major construction at my exit, as they are completely revamping the interchange. After moving 100 yards in five minutes trying to get off the interstate, I started thinking how much worse this traffic was going to be in August when the new outlet mall opens at this same exit. I then started thinking how long people were going to wait in traffic just to turn into the outlet mall campus. Normally, I would scoff at this sort of thing but then flashed back to the craziest thing I’ve waited in line for.

I loved living in Germany. We lived there for almost three years, and I didn’t miss the United States at all. However, every once in a while, I got a craving for something from back home. I lived without McDonald’s, and we could get Burger King on the installation. And honestly, the food in Germany is typically much better than most of the casual-dining restaurants in the U.S. But still, they can’t do cheap Mexican food. So, when news came out that they were opening a Taco Bell in one of the installations fairly close to us, I was all over that. And I mean all over that. I dragged my husband to this installation, which was 90 minutes away from us via the autobahn and waited in line. And waited. And waited some more. Two hours later, I walked away with two trays of Taco Bell food. (And it was SO worth it.)

So, who am I to criticize all those people who are going to wait in their cars in August to try to go shop at the outlet mall? I mean, shopping at an outlet mall isn’t quite like waiting two hours for Taco Bell food.

So, what’s the longest you’ve waited in line for something and the craziest? Was it worth it?

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