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Booking Through Thursday ButtonBrowsing through my blog, I found a link to this post about the “Sorted Book Project.” Go read it. I’ll wait.
The idea is to take a few books and physically sort them in such a way that the titles make some kind of sense … something that I’ve never quite gotten around to doing and photographing, but which fascinates me.
What title/combinations can you come up with? (Bonus points if you actually assemble the books and photograph them, like in the original post.)
Honestly, I’ve never considered rearranging my books in any way other than alphabetically by author’s last name (yes, I am that obsessive). Still, the first one that comes to mind is the Twilight series. The names of the books and the covers lend themselves really well visually to sorting. Since I already have them specially sorted in my own personal library, I’ve included the picture of them.

Twilight Series

Other possible titles and combinations include my leadership/success books that I keep on my desk at work. From Mary Kay Ash’s Miracles Happen to Dale Carnegie’s Lifetime Plan for Success, there is definitely an opportunity for a tongue-in-cheek moment that if I were to one day become a manager and bona fide leader, it will be a miracle!

Business Books Stack

Image: Signature Block
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