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I just returned from another trip to Minneapolis to attend more meetings for my women’s leadership group. This month’s topic was personal branding, as we attempted to create our own brands. One of the items mentioned was that we should already know who we are, which is the first step to creating our personal brand. My first instinct, as it usually is, was to doubt and question. Do we really ever know who we are?

I ask this because I still struggle with who I am and my roles in life. For the first thirty years of my life, I not only didn’t know who I was but I didn’t like who I was. In the past three years, I’ve made great strides in accepting and loving who I am. In fact, I am really enjoying me. However, there are times where I struggle to balance the mom versus the employee versus me. Exercises like having to figure out who I am stress me out and shove me back into that self-conscious girl I was five years ago, and I’m filled with doubts and worries and confusion again.

Is this normal? Does it ever get easier? Do we ever really know who we are?

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