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Yes, I was playing with the format again. I’m happy with it now. The pink was a bit too much and was driving me nuts. I can’t imagine what my readers thought.

Now for an update – I received my first ARC ever!! Woohoo! Thank you Book Blogs and FBS Associates. As soon as I finish it, I will be sure to post the review immediately. Let’s just say that after the first chapter, I am hooked.

My birthday has come and gone. Alas, Pocket Edward was not wrapped up and waiting for me, but my anniversary is in June, so I still have hope. On the plus side, I was the recipient of a very generous gift card to Ann Taylor Loft, my favorite retail store. Momma is going shopping!!

Six more weeks of school left, and yes, I have a mental calendar that I mark off every day. I’m still getting used to not having as much homework and am now spending some free time working ahead on the big assignments. I figure any assignments I finish early means that many more days to party when this journey is finally over.

Lastly, let me wax poetic here as my family hits a few milestones. We are in the throes of planning Connor’s birthday party. My baby boy is turning 9 in sixteen days. What’s even worse – Holly goes to her kindergarten assessment tomorrow. My baby will be entering kindergarten this fall. I know I missed a lot with my school work, but seriously, where did the years go?

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