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I really intended to post at least one book review tonight and get caught up on the Weekly Geeks edition for this week. Instead, I turned in my Master’s thesis. I want to thank everyone who took the time to complete my survey. The response rate was phenomenal, and because of that, I feel that I accomplished what I set out to accomplish eight weeks ago. While I won’t bore you with the entire 26-page paper, I’m sharing the first page of my presentation (because I couldn’t have found a more perfect template to use and want to brag about it).

Social Networking Thesis Cover
Unfortunately, even though I should be doing a happy dance that I’ve finished the capstone course and completed the one project that stood in the way of graduation, the moment is bittersweet. I have to keep reminding myself that I still have eight weeks of school left. Yes, it will be the first time in over a year that I will be attending only one class, but I still have homework and I still have to check into the classroom on a daily basis. So, as much as I want to celebrate and relax and let loose, I can’t just yet. June 24th can’t come fast enough.

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