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I have to say that I’ve missed this!! A trip to Texas to visit my in-laws during my son’s spring break helped me finish my paper. I still have to complete a complementary PowerPoint presentation to accompany the paper, but for some reason, I’m not quite as worried about that. The response to my survey was fabulous – 168 complete responses out of 388 direct requests sent. For an eight-week research project, that is a great response. I’m happy to put it behind me, even though I’m not quite able to do so for another two weeks.

Let’s see – what else is new? Actually, not much. I’ve been so absorbed in all things research-related that I’ve pretty much shut out the rest of the world. I do have one book to review that I finished over the break. It was my escape from research and homework. I’m also in the process of reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. Seriously, THAT book is food for my soul. There is something so calming and restorative about it.

Anyway, I’ve started to explore the whole ARC thing and am hoping to pick up a few one of these days. I figure I’m going to need something to fill all my free time (I remain hopeful that I will have free time even during my last class). I’d really like to branch out beyond my typical reading choice of classics. And did I mention how excited I am at the possibility of free time?

I do have some thoughts about the final casting of the Volturi for the New Moon movie, but I’ll let it wait.

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