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Realizing that it’s been a while since I’ve shared any new pictures from Summit or Vancouver (where they are currently filming the Twilight sequel, New Moon), I give you the Wolf Pack. From left to right, there is Paul, Sam, Jared, and Embry. (***drool***) From what I read, they are all that ripped, no airbrushing for this photo. Physical fitness was a requirement for the part, as was the fact that they each had to provide proof that they were indeed Native American. They work out together between takes, and every paparazzi photo I’ve seen has at least two of them together at any given time. It seems that they are truly taking that pack mentality to heart!

New Moon Wolves Poster
I, for one, have never really liked New Moon. Bella’s pain is too real for me to enjoy it. However, after seeing this photo (many times), and Taylor Lautner’s 30-pound transformation into Jacob, I may change my mind. I guess I never realized the perks of watching a movie where most of the cast is half naked for a majority of the movie. I see the error of my ways and am now even more excited for November!!

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