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I can’t decide if I’ve lost my mind, am looking for distractions (even though I know I don’t need any right now), am preparing for the day when I won’t have homework constantly hanging over my head, or any combination thereof, but I’ve officially gone online all the time. Online with Twitter, online with Facebook, and with this blog (plus the one strictly for family things) – I know I’m used to living in a virtual world thanks to my online degree program, but I can’t help but wonder if we ‘ve taken it a bit too far sometimes. Maybe, maybe not.

In my defense, the Twitter addition was thanks to my thesis, more of which you will be reading about here very shortly (if I ever stop distracting myself with blogs and Facebook). The FB thing was an addition around the new year, as was the blog. I’ve enjoyed the blogging, as sort of an online journal/rant session that allows me to spew any such nonsense that comes to mind. The FB thing is a bit trickier, but I have managed to reconnect with many high school friends and acquaintances with whom I haven’t spoken in over a decade. The Twitter thing? That remains to be seen. I very well may end up deleting it after I finish my thesis. Then again, I may not…

Anyhoo, if anyone is interested, please check me out at either location!!

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