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Twilight Movie ImageSo, if you’ve been paying attention to the news, various blogs, and the commercials, you’ll know that the Twilight movie gets released on DVD at midnight tonight. I’m what my friends call a “superfan” but I’m not certain about a midnight release of a movie. A book event like that, I get. But a movie? And this movie? Don’t get me wrong. I loved the movie and saw it twice during opening weekend. The soundtrack is amazing and one of my favorite albums ever. But is it something that I would leave my house, wait in line with screaming fans to get a movie? Am I missing something or have I lost my status as a superfan?

Taylor LautnerSpeaking of superfandom, I had to share this picture of the “new” Taylor Lautner, a.k.a. Jacob. Yes, he was able to put on thirty, count them, thirty pounds of pure muscle. Underage eye candy, those are some impressive arms, aren’t they? And news from Vancouver (where they start filming New Moon on Monday – WOOHOO!!!) is that his abs are just as fabulous. I’d say he has the Jacob growth spurt thing down.

Speaking of New Moon, I saw some pics of the latest makeup and hair tests from Vancouver. They’ve improved not only the makeup but also the contacts. You can finally tell that the “bad” vamps have red eyes, and that the Cullens’ eye color is not ordinary. It looked amazing. If these improvements are any sign, I think there are great things to come out of Vancouver!

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