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After a weekend visiting family, it is always nice to be home. The weekend itself was fairly nice – except for the snow and wind and the fact that my son decided to lie to and deceive not only us but his grandparents. We’re having problems with my son’s behavior, and it became apparent that being with his grandparents wasn’t enough to put him on his best behavior. Oh, and my new puppy got extremely aggressive towards my parents’ youngest dog when their dog went after Cullen’s food. Cullen bit my dad. Snow, bad son, bad dog – that’s my weekend in a nutshell.
Jim Shannon
We went up to spend time with my parents but also so that my husband could drool over the cars at the Chicago Auto Show. It was our second date many years ago, so we try to go back to it every few years or so. Or, I try to go back. My husband would prefer to go every year. As he freely admits, he is a certified car nut and takes car obsessions to an entirely new level. Thankfully, you can’t purchase new cars at the show. Otherwise, I’m sure we would have had yet another new vehicle in less than a year.

On the positive side, I was able to indulge in several Chicago food specialties that I’ve been absolutely craving for the past few months. Chicago-style pizza, Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dog — YUMMY!!! You can take the gal out of the Chicago suburbs but sometimes, the gal needs her Chicago food!!

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