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To quote Anne, today is just one of those days. I woke up in a bad mood and things snowballed from there. I had five e-mails plus a formal request plus an e-mail from one coworker – all asking me if I was going to be finishing his project due on Friday. Last time I checked, today is Tuesday. So yeah, I’ll finish your request, buddy!!

I am still short one paper – due tomorrow. Yes, I realize that I should be researching it right now, but I discovered last week that my writing skills deteriorate exponentially after 9 PM. It is now 9:20 PM, so there will be no formal writing for me tonight.

I had to go to the dentist today. Granted, it was for a six-month cleaning, but I really do detest the dentist. My appointment was at 5:15 PM, but I wasn’t seen until 5:30. To top it off, I didn’t walk out of there until 6:15 PM. There were several times where I had to unclench my hands and force myself to relax.

My husband took my car yesterday and left me with an empty gas tank. Too bad I was running late this morning thanks to the kids and didn’t have notice until it was too late. I made it to the gas station, but no thanks to my husband.

Did I mention that the kids decided they didn’t want to get dressed this morning? We’ve been in this routine for years now. And they have to decide this week that they are no longer going to get ready in the allotted time?

Speaking of kids, my son is getting in trouble at school and at home and we can’t seem to get any type of response from his teachers. Jim typed a huge long letter expressing our concerns about Connor and his school work and support and lost the entire thing through some freak of cyberspace. Oh yeah, and Connor decided that he didn’t want to get in trouble for not folding clothes, which is one of his chores, so he shoved an entire clean load of laundry under this pillows and into his pillowcases. Jim and I only noticed when we ran out of socks to wear to the gym. Because somehow hiding the clean clothes rather than folding them is going to help him avoid punishment?!?

And my daughter came home with a “red light” today because she insists on talking and playing during nap time and made fun of another child (we think – she wasn’t exactly clear on the details of that one).

So, part of me knows that I should be doing research, and another part of me things that I should just give up for the day and start fresh tomorrow!!

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