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This is why I’ve put off starting a blog for so long. I was sitting in the airport, had something I found amusing occur and immediately wanted to get onto the computer to blog about it. So, I now view my life in blog-able sections. As if anyone really cares. But, because I’m here, I have to share.

You know you are addicted to books when you pack for a trip and include several books for reading material on the trip, get to the airport, get concerned that you don’t have enough reading material and buy two more books at the Borders. So, that’s what I did!

I’m sitting in the Detroit Airport getting ready to board a flight to go to Minneapolis, where it is all of 10 degrees outside, and there is a gentleman wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The story is that he just flew in from West Palm Beach and that he had a pair of track pants and pullover that he was going to put on over his clothes – on the plane. (He did too. He was sitting in an exit row that had a huge bulkhead in front, which allowed him to stand up and get dressed.) I think that he was wearing the shorts to draw attention to himself, but that’s just me.

I have to say that I was on the most protected plane in the world. My flight to Minneapolis contained at least six pilots and even more flight attendants – and that doesn’t include the ones who were actually working the flight. There were more airline employees on the flight than there were actual passengers!!

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