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I’ll confess that I found this site from a few of my book club friends’ blogs and thought it sounded like fun! So, in the spirit of starting something new and broadening my horizons beyond textbooks, Microsoft Excel and the gym, here’s my stab at joining Weekly Geeks!

How do you feel about classic literature? Are you intimidated by it? Love it? Not sure because you never actually tried it? Don’t get why anyone reads anything else? Which classics, if any, have you truly loved? Which would you recommend for someone who has very little experience reading older books? Go all out, sell us on it!

Um, to anyone who truly knows me, I adore classic literature. Other than a select few authors and books, it is about all I read and all I have ever read. There has never been a book that has intimidated me, and other than one book, I’ve been able to finish everything I’ve started and have been able to find something redeeming in all books too. Reading classic literature is both challenging, time-consuming, and yet extremely rewarding because you always end up learning a little more about yourself, about history, about society, and about life. Depending on the person, I would definitely recommend Jane Austen for those with a romantic bent. With my husband, I have him reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the action and revenge. There is literally something for everyone out there – you just have to give it a chance!!

Let’s say you’re vacationing with your dear cousin Myrtle, and she forgot to bring a book. The two of you venture into the hip independent bookstore around the corner, where she primly announces that she only reads classic literature. If you don’t find her a book, she’ll never let you get any reading done! What contemporary book/s with classic appeal would you pull off the shelf for her?

The Thirteenth Tale Book CoverThe Historian Book Cover

Oooo – a challenge! The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield has a great Gothic feel to it and would be perfect for someone who enjoys the Bronte sisters. Also, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is one of my absolute favorite contemporary books with a decidedly classic appeal. It is about Dracula – can it get any better than that?

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