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Bride Wars
I saw movie a two weeks ago with a few co-workers. It was my first girls’ night out in forever, so I’m not certain whether that was clouding my judgment or not. However, I will confess that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I’ve fallen completely in love with Anne Hathaway – I do find The Princess Diaries (1 and 2) such a guilty pleasure! Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson play Emma and Liv, childhood best friends who have always dreamed of having a June wedding at the Plaza Hotel. They get engaged one day apart, and immediately seek the assistance of the best wedding consultant in town, played by Candice Bergen, to plan their dream weddings. Through no fault of their own, their weddings are booked for the exact same date and time. Neither friend is willing to back down and concede their dreams for the other, and I guess you could say hi-jinks ensure.

The plot itself is fairly predictable. I had the movie figured out during the first ten minutes, and that is not something I normally do. I also took issue with the fact that the blond was the more powerful one and (without giving too much away) had the easier, less traumatic road to the altar. Being a natural brunette myself, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a form of stereotyping being shown because of that. I mean, why should everything be easier for the blondes? However, in spite of its faults, I did enjoy myself. Maybe I laughed at the wrong scenes. I did laugh out loud…several times. The movie isn’t going to win any Oscars (or any other type of award except for maybe an MTV movie award for Best Fight Scene), but it was a great escapist film and perfect for a girls’ night out!

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