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Jim and I have been married for almost twelve years now, and year after year, I have had to stay home while he got to go around the world for business – whether it was with the Army or not. Now, I finally am involved in something that requires me to take a quarterly business trip, and I still can’t get over the excitement. I’ll admit that I like traveling for work. I like staying in a hotel and not having to worry about waking up the kids or figuring out dinner. I like being able to go to the airport when I want, without having to chase after an eight-year-old and a four-year-old. I LOVE being able to go out to eat with adults and have an adult conversation for as long as I want.

Now, I do miss my children tremendously, and I find myself trying to remember all the things I want to share with Jim, but I enjoy my time away. I don’t even sleep well in hotel beds. (I usually come back more tired than when I left.) But I still love business trips. This is one of those weird dual facets of my life that I can never quite reconcile.

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