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This was a Facebook exercise that I had to share with everyone…

1. I secretly admire Adrian Monk’s apartment (Monk on USA television) because of how neat and organized and clean it is. If it weren’t for his major phobias and other strange idiosyncrasies, he would be my hero!

2. After fifteen years together, I am still hopelessly in love with my husband. He remains my best friend. We have never run out of things to discuss but can sit comfortably in peaceful quiet and just enjoy each other’s company as well.

3. My Halloween costume probably wasn’t as much of a costume as people initially thought.

4. I have been working on getting my MBA for five years – longer than my daughter has been alive. And yes, I have lost all motivation to finish.

5. I am totally and utterly addicted to the Twilight series. I’ve read the books at least three or four times, seen the movie twice, have both soundtracks, two t-shirts, and Alice’s choker from the movie. I also named my puppy, Cullen. I just want to move to Forks and find a nice vampire.

6. Speaking of vampires, I find them the most fascinating creatures in fiction. But vampire movies (Twilight being the exception) scare the pants off of me. I can’t watch them. Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the tv series, made me uncomfortable at times.

7. I secretly wonder if I should have had children. While they are the second and third loves of my life (Jim remains first), and I miss them terribly when we are apart, I can’t wait until bedtime when we are together. I have a sneaking suspicion that mothers just shouldn’t feel that way.

8. I remain addicted to coffee. I’ve tried to stop – I’ve even made sure that I limit myself to two cups a day. But if I had my way without getting the heart palpitations from too much caffeine, I would drink it all the time.

9. I graduated from college (in three years no less) with plans to be a teacher, but those plans actually lasted all of six months. Thankfully, I realized that in the interest of a lawsuit, teaching high school was not for me. I haven’t ruled out teaching in college – my online professors have a sweet gig.

10. I do have one tattoo and have been actively contemplating getting another one. How weird is it that I want to get one of the German eagle?

11. I can’t live without reading. I will frequently forgo homework or sleep for reading at least one chapter in a novel. And I absolutely cannot fall asleep without reading something other than a textbook.

12. I’m also a book snob. Most of my books are classics, although I have almost the complete library of Nora Roberts. She’s my one guilty pleasure. Stephenie Meyer does not count as a guilty pleasure. She is my idol.

13. I can’t live without music. My playlist reflects my schizophrenic personality, as I have everything from The Dixie Chicks to Mozart’s Requiem to Rob Zombie to Justin Timberlake. There is nothing quite like listening to some Nora Jones and then switching to Pantera to wake the senses.

14. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for the past eight months now and still need to lose another ten pounds to be where I want to be. However, I am at least lighter than I was when I found out I was pregnant with Connor and then again with Holly. That’s saying something.

15. In Weight Watchers, they teach you about trigger foods – those foods that you absolutely cannot resist, even though you know how bad they are for you. Mine are Lipton’s French Onion dip with chips, my seven-layer taco dip with Doritoes, and my homemade macaroni and cheese. Even though I know this about myself, it doesn’t stop me from making them. I wish I could learn to just leave well enough alone.

16. Having lived in Germany for three years after getting married, I would move back to Europe in a heartbeat if either my job or my husband’s presented us with the opportunity. They know how to balance work and life over there, in addition to what it means to enjoy the dining experience. After eight years away, we still miss it.

17. Even though my husband rides motorcycles, I have never once experienced a desire to learn how to ride. I much prefer sitting on the back as a passenger and watching the countryside pass. I’ve seen some beautiful scenery from the back of his motorcycle.

18. We adopted one dog two years ago that we just couldn’t keep. He peed on everything, ran away at every opportunity, jumped on furniture (dining tables and counters) and pretty much resisted all training we ever attempted with him. Even though I felt like a failure giving him back to the shelter, it was the best thing for him and for my family. I didn’t realize how much Jim and the kids hated having him around.

19. Less than three weeks after I finish my last class for my MBA, I plan to start studying for the CPA. The problem is that I’m now questioning what I am going to do with it, especially after I discovered that you have to have CPA experience before you get the credentials. There isn’t a CPA at my work that could sign off on my experience, so I’m not quite certain how I am supposed to get that experience in my current role (and I definitely don’t want to work for a CPA). I think have a lot more research to do.

20. I actually enjoy moving. I like packing up and the chance it affords us to clean and purge our belongings. I like the opportunity it gives me to scrub an entire house from top to bottom without belongings in the way. I love the chance to look at houses, remembering what we’ve liked from our previous houses and what we want to change, all in an effort to find that “perfect” house. And I like the opportunity of exploring a new section of the country.

21. Jim and I had the name for our son picked out well before we were even talking about getting married. Our first son was always going to be Connor Gabriel. We never considered having girls, which meant that we struggled with finding a name for our daughter when she came around. Even though I don’t want any more kids, I do regret not using the name “Seamus”. It is a GREAT name!

22. I keep telling myself that I like to exercise. Actually, I’ve realized that I like how I feel when I exercise. If they could find some way to bottle that euphoric feeling (along with the physical results of leaner and more defined muscles), I would definitely buy it!

23. I am a certified homebody. I gladly embrace every opportunity I can get of staying at home. The days where I never make it out of my pajamas are my idea of heaven!

24. I love to drive fast. Maybe it was all those years on the Autobahn, but there is nothing like the rush of going 80 or 90 mph to get the blood pumping and make you feel on top of the world!

25. I’ve spent all this time getting my MBA, have these plans to sit for both the CPA and the CMA, and yet I’m most looking forward to taking culinary classes. I have a coworker who just graduated from the CIA, and I am insanely jealous of that feat. I don’t want to run a restaurant; I just want to become a professionally trained chef. I’ll be the first CPA, CMA chef. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but who says you have to know where you are going in life?

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