In 2018

First Lines

  1. When Saul dies, Simon is in physics class, drawing concentric circles meant to represent the rings of an electron shell but which to Simon meant nothing at all.
  2. Millie Gerdavey cheated on her boyfriend again.
  3. “‘Mary? Hey, Mary, here’s that girl artist I was telling you about.'”
  4. “In a room for women whose bodies are broken, Eivør Mínervudóttir’s biographer waits her turn.”
  5. “Fate came for Dottie Epstein a year earlier, in the form of a call to the principal’s office.”
  6. “My wig slumps on my desk where I have tossed it like flattened road kill.”
  7. “A strange fear crept over Berlin in early 1943.”
  8. “My mother was raised on fairy tales, but I was raised on highways.”

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