In 2016


First Lines

  1. Carolyn, blood-drenched and barefoot, walked alone down the two-lane stretch of blacktop that the Americans called Highway 78.
  2. ‘I believe the question, then,’ says Vasily Yaroslav, ‘ is one of intent.’
  3. Somewhere around mile three on the trek up the hill Pitry Suturashni decides he would not describe the Javrati sun as ‘warm and relaxing,’ as all the travel advertisements say.
  4. Imagine a landscape.
  5. ” ‘This was not the first bomb threat, correct?’ “
  6. Sully pulled the thin wad of bills from his pocket and counted.
  7. “I can hear the sound of her crunching up the path.”
  8. “First light.”
  9. “Goddamned freezing cold.”
  10. “Evening crept its way into the cabin, and she went to get the knife.”
  11. “I buy violets for Amy.”

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