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Hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?” is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind. Here is what I read the week ending 3 December 2018. To learn more about each book, click on the book cover!

I haven’t disappeared even though it feels like I have. This time of year is never easy given the holiday prep and celebrations, but it is particularly awful for me this year thanks to work. It means I come home exhausted and am barely able to devote any time to reading. It also means I have no desire to sit on a computer after I leave work, so no reviews or posts. This busy period should pass in a month or so, just in time for dance competition season. I have plans for that this year though to make me feel like there is so much more I could be doing with my time other than sitting in a dark theater watching hundreds upon hundreds of dances every weekend. Future stuff though. In the meantime, I will keep on keeping on, as required when life gives you more than you think you can handle.


Shadow of the Fox

I took my time reading Julie Kagawa’s latest series because it was SO amazing. She mentions in her notes that she drew upon various Japanese myths and legends while formulating her story, and I loved that. In fact, I loved everything about Shadow of the Fox and wanted to savor it as much as possible, which I did by reading it slowly and carefully. The story occurs in a fictional land with an obvious connection to Japanese traditions, social and political structure, and geography. Yumeko is the sweetest character, naive and trusting; usually, I would detest characters like this as having no basis in reality, but it works for her because she has a way of cutting through all pretense and getting to the heart of an issue that I admire. Plus, she may be naive, but she is not completely innocent and brings with her excellent instincts and a fantastic upbringing that serves her well on the road. Tatsumi is dangerous, but he has a rather tragic backstory. I adored watching him struggle with his humanity for the first time as he spends more time with Yumeko. The band of travelers they collect on their way to the capital is equally charming and highly entertaining. The story is not without its darker elements, which is what I expect from Ms. Kagawa, but she expertly blends the good with the evil, showing that other than a few exceptions, the world exists in shades of gray. Shadow of the Fox reminds me how much I adored Ms. Kagawa’s previous novels and makes me excited for the rest of the series.




The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Another book I am loving so much that I want to read it slowly and try to absorb as many clues as possible – even though I am itching to find out what happens and who the killer is!


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I am so close to finishing this one. I need to grab my latest cross-stitch project and hide in my office to listen while I work. Then I can move on to the next one!


I have four December review copies to read and am still working my way through my fall list. I will catch up one day, but at least I am enjoying the journey.

So, what are you reading?

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