Fabulous Friday – 21 September 2018

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We should always find ways to celebrate the little things in life. What better day to celebrate these little things than the best day of the week? So, here are the things that make this a Fabulous Friday for me this week ending 21 September 2018.


  • REST ‘EM – Jim is back home. The high school football game is away tonight. Holly’s dance rehearsals for the weekend are all in one block on Sunday. This is about as free a weekend as we can get around here these days, and it is the last one we will get like this for the next three weeks. My plan is to be as antisocial and lazy as possible to prepare for the two weekends when I have to be social and active. If that makes me rude or hermit-like, I could care less. Call it a mental health weekend.


What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you?

5 Responses to Fabulous Friday – 21 September 2018
  1. Brandie
    September 21, 2018 | 12:24 PM

    Enjoy your plan-free weekend! I love weekends like those, and prefer to live like a hermit as often as I can!

    • Michelle
      September 23, 2018 | 11:32 AM

      Thanks, Brandie! Jim suggested going to Milwaukee to eat at an authentic Biergarten, but I have no desire to leave the house today. I always feel somewhat guilty for only wanting to stay at home on the weekends, but that guilt never causes me to change my mind. Plus, there are plenty of things that need to be done outside with the yard that I cannot do without putting myself into migraine misery. So, I am really thinking of him. 🙂

  2. Ti
    September 21, 2018 | 1:11 PM

    I hear you on the mental health weekend. Tonight my daughter is going to the game. Tomorrow we are all going to the flu shot clinic together because if I don’t do it this way the Hub and Son will not get them. Saturday night is homecoming but The Girl has waited so long to buy her ticket it may not be happening. I refuse to keep adding money to it because she procrastinated. It gets much more expensive as the date approaches ans it’s always gone up twice. While she is at homecoming with her friends, the hub and I may see Crazy Rich Asians.

    Sunday is always busy with volunteer stuff but I can’t see a way out of that right now.

    • Michelle
      September 23, 2018 | 11:36 AM

      That will be us next weekend. Homecoming, dance, doctors’ appointments. And the following weekend is an out-of-town dance convention. Hence my desire not to go anywhere this weekend if possible.

      Have you thought about cutting back on your volunteering? At least until the Girl gets her license and can drive herself to her many practices and rehearsals? I say this with love because I know how stressed you are, and it seems like you are always strapped for time. With your health issues and what is happening at work, I wonder if cutting yourself some slack and reducing your obligations – at least for another year or two – would help you.

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