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People are forever asking how I manage everything with such a busy schedule. I love to cook, but I don’t always have time to do so in the manner I would like. This weekly journal is a way to keep it real and show that while my intentions are good, sometimes life and all of its activities get in the way of serving a delicious, home-cooked meal and that it is perfectly okay.

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  • Saturday: A late evening at the theater meant our options for dinner were slightly limited. Thank goodness there was a Chipotle near our hotel, so we were able to get there before it closed. I would have preferred something else, but you learn very quickly at these things that you eat what you can when you can otherwise you run the risk of not eating at all.
  • Sunday: Speaking of not eating at all, this is what happened to us tonight. Even finishing the competition over an hour earlier than planned did nothing to help us get dinner. We both thought about hitting a fast food place as one of the only places still open, but in the end, we chose to head back to the hotel. Sleep trumps food every time.
  • Monday: Holly and I got home around 2 PM. Between getting everything unpacked, getting ourselves prepared for the coming week, and then getting Holly to dance class in the evening, I had no time to look to see what we had available for dinner. Jim ended up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven for Holly and me, except she chose to make herself an egg sandwich rather than eat the pizza. Jim stopped at Chipotle for himself. I have no idea why.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner FTW! It was not a fancy breakfast for dinner; eggs, toast, and bacon were about all I had on hand. I don’t know about you but it always feels a bit like cheating whenever we do this, as if I am getting away with something by cooking eggs for dinner. It really is not true because it is not like I am getting away with making a meal without having to clean the kitchen. Still, there is something freeing about breakfast for dinner that makes it fun.
  • Wednesday: With Holly gone for most of the evening, my intention was to have a nice dinner for two with Jim. So I made dinner – another fancy macaroni and cheese – only to find out Jim was not going to be home until after Holly was done with dance. So I ate my dinner rather hurriedly as I entertained the pup and cleaned up my gigantic mess and tried to prep for the weekend.
  • Thursday: Another crazy night as we packed and made sure everything was ready for this weekend meant no formal dinner. Thankfully, I still had leftovers from yesterday’s meal and they were still delicious.
  • Friday: After the awards ceremony that ended around 4ish, Holly and I were both tired and hungry since all we had eaten was breakfast. We managed to get as far as one of the hotel restaurants and all but fell on our burgers. Note to self: bring more snacks for the next competition weekend.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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