It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – 12 February 2018

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Hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind. Here is what I read the week ending 12 February 2018. To learn more about each book, just click on the book cover!

One amazing book and one that I’m still trying to figure out what the point was caps off a busy week of snow, dance, work, and puppy watching. I’m feeling the lack of reading, ya’ll. And the lack of doing anything else but constantly keeping the pup entertained and watching him to avoid destruction of my house. I keep telling myself it will get better, and I will get back to reading.


The One by John Marrs  The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard

Holy shit is John Marrs’ novel great! It is the type of novel I did not want to stop reading. Intense, twisty, great characters, fantastic story – I loved every minute of it.

I am sure Janet Beard is a lovely woman, and her heart was in the right place when she was writing her most recent story. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the point of her story was. I do not know what I was supposed to take away from reading it, and I am not certain I enjoyed it.




Year One by Nora Roberts The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell Jackaby by William Ritter

This is what happens when I have no direction to my reading. One is a new release by my favorite author. One is a March review copy that I started reading on a whim late one night and can’t seem to put aside. One is re-read because I want to finally get to the sequel.


White Trash by Nancy Isenberg



February Review Copies:


What’s next? I have no freaking clue.

So, what are you reading?

15 Responses to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – 12 February 2018
  1. Sarah's Book Shelves
    February 12, 2018 | 6:37 AM

    And also her title is almost a rip-off of one that already exists. Shame on those publishers.

    I’m now curious about The One!

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:45 PM

      I know. The only difference between the two titles is word order. I guess the publishers assumed that was enough of a difference?

      So good! I have to figure out how I want to write the review for it without giving anything away!

  2. Kay
    February 12, 2018 | 7:33 AM

    I’ll be interested in hearing what you think about Year One. I’m hearing mixed reviews, but I do own it. I’ve always like Roberts’ trilogies or quartets better than her standalone books.

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:47 PM

      Kay, it is SO different from anything she has written under her own name. It doesn’t even follow her standard plot outline. I liked it, but it took me a while to realize just how far outside the box she stepped with this new trilogy of hers. There are going to be some fans who are disappointed by her deviating so much from the type of story which made her so popular.

  3. Brandie
    February 12, 2018 | 8:27 AM

    I’m sorry the puppy is making it hard to find reading time! Curious about the Nora Roberts book – hope you enjoy it!

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:49 PM

      I know, but Jim comes home on Sunday and you know I will be forcing him to be on puppy duty for a long time. Hopefully, I can make up some of that missed reading time!

      I liked the latest novel by Nora but I can see why others are not so fond of it. It is nothing like any of her previous works. Quite daring for her to do at this stage in her career.

  4. Tara
    February 12, 2018 | 9:43 AM

    Ugh, I’m so sorry that Atomic City Girls did not work out for you; I haven’t read it, but read a similarly-themed nonfiction title last year – The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan – that was fabulous. I don’t even want to spoil my experience of it by trying this one – ha! I used to read ALL of Nora Roberts’s work, but have fallen behind in recent years; I hope this one works out for you!

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:54 PM

      I definitely want to read the nonfiction version of the Atomic City girls if only because the novel didn’t really tell me much about them. It honestly could have been set in any factory during World War II. So disappointing.

      If you would see my shelves of unread books and notice how many of Nora’s most recent works still sit on there, you would laugh. She is still an auto-buy author for me, but I treat her books like the finest of candies or wine. To be read slowly and sparingly. I don’t know why I do that when she publishes as frequently as she does. Suffice it to say, I probably have eight years of her latest books I need to get around to reading one of these days.

  5. Tea Time with Marce
    February 12, 2018 | 11:42 AM

    That little glimpse makes me want to read The One. It is on the Wishlist now.

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:55 PM

      It’s pretty darn fantastic!

  6. laura
    February 12, 2018 | 12:06 PM

    I’m actually reading the last book in the Jackaby series now and it is quite good. I’ve really enjoyed the series and I’m sad to see it end but I’m also glad it isn’t stretching on into 7 or 8 books because sometimes that can be too much. Enjoy your books!
    Laura 🙂
    My Monday Post

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:55 PM

      I had forgotten so much of the little nuances of Jackaby that I am glad I am going back to read the first book again. I am thoroughly enjoying the re-read!

  7. susan
    February 14, 2018 | 5:25 PM

    I’ll have to look into the John Marrs book pronto. Sounds fast-paced for sure. I finished recently Big Little Lies and The Power — pretty different from each other, but both entertaining. Though the Power was pretty wild. Cheers.

    • Michelle
      February 16, 2018 | 1:58 PM

      The One comes out on Tuesday, so you don’t have to wait very long to be able to get your hands on a copy!

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