Sunday Reflections – 3 September 2017

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Happy Sunday!

Long weekends are the best, aren’t they? Yesterday, we finally got some time at the house, cleaning up the landscaping, cleaning inside, putting out the fall decor, and just fixing up where we live. It has been a while since we had a chunk of time and cooperating weather to do so, and it is exactly what was needed. Today, Holly has dance practice, and tomorrow she has to march in the local parade with her dance team. While not exactly how I like to spend my holiday, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, and we are with friends. It could be so much worse.

Holly actually started school on Friday, so we were able to get that first day out of the way. She is already lamenting having to take the bus again after a year of not doing so thanks to her big brother. She has already decided to count down until his return in May so she doesn’t have to take the bus again! The first day was, as you would expect one day before a long weekend, uneventful and completely unproductive. The rest of the week was finishing up her summer dance classes and mentally preparing for the school year.

We talked to Connor a bit last week, and he sounds so happy. His first game/marching band performance was yesterday, so we can’t wait to talk to him today to find out how it went. Plus, he has two weeks of classes under his belt, so it will be interesting to hear how his opinions have changed now that he has started getting to the meat of things.

Jim’s company recently did some reshuffling of the org chart, and he finds himself back into the role for which he was hired after more than a year of juggling two leadership positions at the same time. He’s already complaining that he is bored, but I know he doesn’t miss the stress or frustration of trying to juggle too many balls without letting one of them drop.

Last week was month-end close for me, and next week I head into budget season. I can’t say that this excites me at all but as I am still waiting to land my first freelance client, it pays the bills for now. I can only fervently hope that this year’s process is smoother and shorter than last year’s. I don’t think I can handle this lasting past December 31st for the third year in a row.

Here are past posts from the few last weeks in case you missed them the first time:

I am going to go enjoy the rest of my free time while I can. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekends and are filling it with laughter and love and maybe a few books. Have a wonderful Sunday and Monday and a quick and stress-free week!

10 Responses to Sunday Reflections – 3 September 2017
  1. Andi
    September 3, 2017 | 4:35 PM

    Fingers crossed for a better budget season for you AND that first freelance client!

  2. Amanda
    September 4, 2017 | 7:04 AM

    I’m looking forward to fall decorations. Movers don’t arrive til Wednesday and then of course we have to unpack it all. So hopefully I can get things up by the end of the month. Might make me feel a bit better about the extreme heat, ha!

    Are you excited about the reshuffling? It seems like it’ll be less stress when he only has one job to manage…

    • Michelle
      September 5, 2017 | 9:16 AM

      Good luck with the movers and unpacking! May it be a speedy process with no broken items!

      I am excited about the reshuffling if only because he has not been sleeping well and has not been able to leave work at work. The strain was getting to be too much for him, and he was putting a lot of undue pressure on himself to succeed in an impossible situation. Now, he can focus on his area of expertise and relax a bit. He doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as a demotion. I see it as they finally filled a role they should have filled 12 months ago.

  3. Bryan G. Robinson
    September 4, 2017 | 9:48 AM

    I’m not big on parades myself, but your daughter is in it…and you’ll be with friends so that is good. Here, just continuing to chill, reading, listening to chill music, later Game of Thrones with Kim.

    • Michelle
      September 5, 2017 | 9:18 AM

      I would have much rather sat at home and chilled. The parade was okay. Long and unorganized, and then we parked in the wrong location and could not get out when we were done. It was a long day.

  4. Brandie
    September 5, 2017 | 12:47 PM

    Parades – not a fan at all. I have dropped the ball on taking Sunnie to the last few local parades. Her dance team is always in a holiday parade in November, but last year she was sick and we didn’t go.
    I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend and got to catch up around the house! And that Connor seems to be happy at college!
    Hopefully the week isn’t too stressful and goes quickly for you!

    • Michelle
      September 6, 2017 | 9:28 AM

      We rarely took the kids to parades when they were young. They never got into them either, were afraid of clowns or anything wearing a mascot suit, and never ran after the candy like other kids. We didn’t mind. It’s funny how we have been to more parades once the kids got into middle and high school than we ever did when they were younger. Holly has two more parades for marching band this month. I am over them in a big way.

      Thanks, Brandie! I’m sitting here struggling to stay awake right now, and it is only 9 AM on Wednesday. It is going to be a long week!

  5. Debi
    September 5, 2017 | 1:48 PM

    Yay! So happy to hear that Connor is so happy there at school!!! Annie is too, and damn if that doesn’t make it all much easier, huh? 😀

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