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Fangs for the Memories by Molly Harper

BOTTOM LINE: Do you even have to ask at this point in time?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: 2 November 2015
Source: Mine. All mine.

Synopsis from the Publisher:

“Half-Moon Hollow’s supernatural social event of the season—Zeb’s Titanic-themed werewolf wedding—is coming up, and Dick Cheney (not that Dick Cheney!) needs a date. But Andrea’s had enough of clever, handsome, and rakish to last a lifetime, and Dick Cheney is certainly not the sort of man you bring home to mom (not that Andrea’s deadist parents are speaking to her ever since she dropped out of college and became a blood surrogate.) Shameless, relentless, roguish, with a Stetson-worthy swagger, a naughty sparkle in his eyes, and a constant smirk—oh, and fangs—no, Dick is the last person (er…vampire) Andrea wants to date.

But the infuriatingly irresistible man who lives quietly on the edge of a criminal underworld knows exactly what he wants, and once he surprises Andrea with a thrilling hot and dirty kiss behind the paranormal bookshop, she knows what she wants too: Dick. All it takes to ignite their unconventional courtship is a near-undeath experience that confronts Dick with a choice between turning Andrea, losing her forever, or tapping into his countless shady resources in this hilarious and heartwarming novella that revisits the early days of Molly Harper’s Nice Girls series”

My Thoughts: Most of my readers have been following me long enough to know of my unabashed love for all things Molly Harper. When you combine her words with the talents of Amanda Ronconi, my hero worship cup overfloweth. Fangs for the Memories is just another novella in a long line of novellas in this series I have loved and unabashedly enjoyed.

My only complaint is that the story is not long enough. I so enjoyed getting to know Andrea a bit more and watching Dick Cheney show surprising depth in his courtship of her. I wanted more of their story because they are just so darn cute together!

I love these quick dives into the wacky world of Half Moon Hollow and the chance to get know some of the secondary characters a bit more thoroughly. They are breezy reminders of why I love Jane, her friends and family, Molly, and Amanda.

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