It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – 17 July 2017

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Hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind. To learn more about each book, just click on the book cover!

 It’s amazing how much you can read when your evenings are free. I have been enjoying getting back into reading and have been pleased with what I have read lately.


Now I Rise by Kiersten White I Found You by Lisa Jewell  The White Road by Sarah Lotz

Kiersten White’s reimagining of Vlad Dracul and his rise to power gets stronger and stronger. There is something about watching someone as fierce and determined as Lada not being given her due because of her gender that makes me want to take up a sword myself.

I flew through Lisa Jewell’s latest novel. There are some major flaws with it. I figured out the mystery man’s identity well in advance, and I couldn’t stand one of the characters. Yet, I found myself unable to stop reading it. The story drew me in so much that I didn’t mind having figured out the mystery and my dislike of one of the characters was not enough to diminish my enjoyment of it.

The latest Sarah Lotz novel is an engaging, tension-filled adventure story. I tore through it in two days and now have a greater appreciation for mountain climbers, even while I question their sanity.


Impossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives

This was just an odd book. I’m sure it is highly entertaining, but the verbiose and pretentious language kept me from becoming interested in the story. Plus, after one-third of the way through it, I had no idea what the conflict of the story actually was. No clear direction, language that sounds like someone was trying to use their SAT vocabulary, and a character who was a snob made this something I had no interest in continuing.


A Boy in Winter by Rachel Seiffert


End of Watch by Stephen King

I managed to listen for another hour or so. I’m making progress.


The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy

So, what are you reading?

11 Responses to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – 17 July 2017
  1. Rhapsody in Books
    July 17, 2017 | 4:32 AM

    Interesting your comments on the Lucy Ives book. I also find that language choice itself can keep me distant from characters and plot.

    • Michelle
      July 17, 2017 | 1:51 PM

      I am usually not bothered by language in a novel. Fancy words never scare me. There was something about the combination of language, lack of conflict/story, and character that struck a nerve this time. It doesn’t happen often, and now I will sweat that I stopped reading a book that everyone is going to love.

  2. Sarah's Book Shelves
    July 17, 2017 | 6:51 AM

    So The White Road is good, huh?! I read The Three a long time ago and thought it was super weird, but kind of couldn’t stop reading. Maybe it’s time I try another Lotz!

    • Michelle
      July 17, 2017 | 1:53 PM

      I liked it a lot. It wasn’t perfect, a bit odd, but man, those parts on Everest were amazing. It actually got me thinking that I might want to climb it someday. Since I have a fear of sheer cliffs the insanity of that idea quickly passed, but the descriptions are so good.

  3. Amanda
    July 17, 2017 | 12:32 PM

    Oh I am totally going to have to get The White Road. I have no desire to climb mountains but this sounds good!

    I am so sad I couldn’t get into And I Darken last year. Lada seems like I character I should love. Glad you’re enjoying those!

    • Michelle
      July 17, 2017 | 1:55 PM

      This actually made me (briefly) contemplate wanting to climb mountains. The cave thing though – it just confirmed I can never go spelunking.

      I’m sad you couldn’t get into it either. I do think my fascination with the real Vlad the Impaler does help though. It impresses me how she is able to keep events true to what happened even with the changes she made to the key figures.

  4. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)
    July 17, 2017 | 4:41 PM

    Looks like some great reading this week. I’m definitely curious about Now I Rise.

    • Michelle
      July 18, 2017 | 1:17 PM

      I’m hoping it is a great reading week!

  5. Shane
    July 17, 2017 | 8:19 PM

    I’m currently reading Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland and The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield. Bot are interesting so far. Hope you enjoy your current reads.

    • Michelle
      July 18, 2017 | 1:17 PM

      Thanks! I hope your two reads end up remaining interesting and enjoyable.

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