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In an effort to be a whole lot more organized this year, and because everyone is always posting what delicious food they make, here is what I have been serving my family for the past week. I also envision this being a detailed account of how I fail miserably at meal planning when life gets too busy. But hey, it’s real life. Speaking of real life, I am not and never will be a food blogger. If I ever were to post food pictures for you, I apologize in advance for how awful they are.

  • Sunday: Because today was the first day of a clean house, I cooked. I cooked a lot – not so much in the quantity of recipes but in the sheer volume. I made a decent meal of German meatballs in mushroom sauce and doubled the recipe like I usually do. This time, instead of giving me enough leftovers for a few extra lunches or dinners, doubling the recipe gave me enough to make three full meals for all four of us. It is a good thing everyone loved it.
  • Monday: You got it. Today was all about leftovers.
  • Tuesday: I felt so guilty about making everyone eat meatballs for the third day in a row, so today I made chicken tacos with black beans. They were not anything extraordinary, I don’t think, but given how there were absolutely NO leftovers, I say they were a hit.
  • Wednesday: Jim left for a business trip today. Holly had some things she needed for school on Friday. Since it was her only free night of dance, we hit Target and then Chipotle for dinner. Connor made himself pancakes. I guess Chipotle did not appeal to him.
  • Thursday: Tonight started the beginning of the season-end push. With everyone out of the house until 9 PM tonight, I made a fresh batch of noodles and had the kids eat more of the leftovers as they each arrived home.
  • Friday: Today was day two of the craziness that is the end of the fall season. Football, cross-country, an after-school dance for Holly, and a long drive home for Jim meant that no one was much interested in cooking or going out to eat. You know those leftovers from Sunday? They really came in handy this week as we ate them yet again. It may not have been fresh, but at least leftovers of a home-cooked meal are better than fast food any day.
  • Saturday: Today is the busiest day of the season for us. Cross-country in the morning. Dance at lunch time. The state marching band competition this afternoon and evening. We will be lucky to be home for an hour in the daytime, so I know cooking is out of the question. Plus, we have no more leftovers to eat. I expect it will either be that fast food at which I scoffed yesterday or stadium food. Yay?

What was for dinner at your house this week?

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