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Master Bedroom (Before)Office (Before)Living Room (Before)Bedroom (Before)

As of the last update, Jim and I were in the process of prepping the floors for new flooring. We tore up carpets, and I pulled out more staples than I want to know. We did this for each of the rooms that still had carpet, all three upstairs bedrooms, the living room, and the office. Last week was the big install, and the house looks amazing.

Master Bedroom (After)Office (After)Bedroom (Halfway)Living Room (After)Living Room (After)

The living room is the only room that is officially done. This project has made me fall in love with that room all over again, especially now that we got rid of the TV and I was able to set up my Sonos speaker to play music for the whole house.

As you can tell, we changed the color of the bedroom and of the office. The bedroom will become Holly’s new room. The new floor is currently doubling as my closet, since in the course of preparing our bedroom for the installation, our closet organization system may have been purposefully damaged rendering it impossible to reuse. Once we get a new closet system, we will be buying Holly a new bed and officially moving her into that room.

As for my office, my wall-to-wall bookshelves are on order. I was promised five weeks. It has now been one. Yes, I am counting every one of those days. Once those are in, I can knock two rooms off the list because it means I can move my books out of the dining room. The office will require some new decor – bookish prints, new blinds, a reading chair and a new desk chair – wheels are great for carpet but not necessarily on wood floors, but there is no rush. Holly’s old bedroom will become the guest bedroom. The intention is to move our current master bedroom furniture into there after we repaint it. Again, there is absolutely no rush with this switch.

The other thing I really wanted to do was repaint each of the rooms. We priced out a painter and discovered it was a bit more than either of us was willing to spend. He is coming instead to give a much-needed fresh coat to all the trim work and doors. I imagine Jim and I will work on painting the rooms throughout the winter months.

The rest of the projects are little. Jim is in the process of replacing all of the pulls and knobs on the cabinets. We changed some of the lighting. We have a new front door on order. We will be replacing light switch plates and other little touches to spice things up a bit. We are still talking about doing solar panels on the roof, but it is looking like that will happen next year. I think both he and I just want to finish what we started on the inside, and that is okay.

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