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Title: Cracked Up to BeNovel Nuggets Button
Author: Courtney Summers
ISBN: 9780312383695
No. of Pages: 224
Genre: Young Adult; Fiction
Origins: Mine. All mine.
Release Date: 23 December 2008


“Perfect Parker Fadley isn’t so perfect anymore. She’s quit the cheerleading squad, she’s dumped her perfect boyfriend, and she’s failing school. Her parents are on a constant suicide watch and her counselors think she’s playing games…but what they don’t know, the real reason for this whole mess, isn’t something she can say out loud. It isn’t even something she can say to herself. A horrible thing has happened and it just might be her fault. If she can just remove herself from everybody–be totally alone–then everything will be okay…The problem is, nobody will let her.”

Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers

For some reason, the big secret did not shock me or upset me as much as I expected it. Mostly, I felt sorry for Parker. She was so prickly and antagonistic for a reason, but no one really took the time to determine why. Granted, with anyone, this is not an easy feat let alone with a teenager, but I was disturbed by the ease with which everyone just dismissed her drastic changes as a whim. Then, there was the odd feeling of admiration that Parker no longer was willing put up with the BS that exists in high school and in life. As for the book, it definitely creates food for thought on the real reasons behind teenagers’ strange behavior changes. While not Ms. Summers’ strongest novel, she still manages to tackle tough situations and present them with delicacy and forthrightness that promotes discussion.

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