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A while ago, I tried to get Connor to practice his writing skills by allowing him space on this site to write whatever he wanted. He wrote a few posts for “Connor’s Corner” but the interest quickly faded. Lesson learned. So, when Holly started mentioning she wanted to write some posts for me, I was hesitant. I want to encourage her, but based on previous experience with her brother, showing the same interest is the best way to discourage her. It must have worked because not only did she write something, she came up with her own name for a column, helped me create the button, and has mentioned it to her entire class. So, welcome to a new feature written by and designed by Holly, however long it lasts!

That's What The Girl Read

That’s What The Girl Read

Happy Halloween! Because of this holiday, I’m going to review my mother’s favorite Halloween book from when my brother and I were babies: The Runaway Pumpkin

The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin LewisThe Runaway Pumpkin starts when two boys, Buck and Billy Baxter, wanter up a hill with their little sister, Lil. And there they found a fat pumpkin. Lil tries to warn her bumbling, big-head brothers, but they snap it from its stem. As poor Lil watches them roll it, slowly but then much faster, she looked down and saw disaster! The runaway pumpkin continues to crash into farmhouses. Is it stopped? Read The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis.

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