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Book Cover Image: Flawed Dogs by Berkely BreathedLast week, I read a book called Flawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid on Westminster by Berkeley Breathed.  This book contains a lot of special moments where humans create special bonds with dogs, but that in spite of that this book is not entirely for dog lovers.  I mean, I like the book a lot, but I can honestly tell you firsthand that this book wasn’t about humans and dogs living happily ever after.  Let me give you an idea about the book.  First, there is a dog named Sam the Lion, who is the main character of the book, and…Oh, what am I saying?  The point is, I really liked this book because it had a lot of comedy and, well, I just liked how the book was written.  So, get this book if you love books that are LOL material.  Or else.  (Oh shoot, I didn’t say book!) Just kidding!

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