What’s For Dinner – Week Starting 20 August 2016

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In an effort to be a whole lot more organized this year, and because everyone is always posting what delicious food they make, here is what I have been serving my family for the past week. I also envision this being a detailed account of how I fail miserably at meal planning when life gets too busy. But hey, it’s real life. Speaking of real life, I am not and never will be a food blogger. If I ever were to post food pictures for you, I apologize in advance for how awful they are.

  • Saturday: In a rare turn of events, it was just the boys and me for dinner tonight. Jim ended up grilling some chicken breasts and making a salad. It was simple and easy and more importantly, I didn’t have to do a thing.
  • Sunday: It was Connor’s turn to be away for dinner, as he was busy cooking dinner for everyone else at work. I kept it simple with red beans and rice and a salad for dinner. It made me dream of fall weather even more than I already am!
  • Monday: If these nights where the kids are gone are any indication, meals are going to be extremely boring when we are empty-nesters. Tonight, while the kids were at dance and marching band, Jim and I had some of the leftover grilled chicken from Saturday night. Neither one of us bothered to do much more than throw on some condiments and eat it plain. It made for easy clean-up at least.
  • Tuesday: Babysitting nights call for easy dinners, and tonight was no exception. Jim grilled up some burgers, and we threw together a prepackaged chopped salad to eat quickly while we tried to keep baby entertained. Fun times!
  • Wednesday: I knew tonight was going to be dicey for dinner plans, as Connor was supposed to have a cross-country meet with senior recognition to be held after all of the awards. As such, I had nothing planned for dinner because I had no idea when we would be home. As it turns out, the meet was cancelled, so they held senior recognition earlier in the evening AND served food. Granted, it was nothing more than a hot dog, fruit, vegetables, and some chips, but it was still food I did not have to prepare. It did the job.
  • Thursday: Do you ever have those nights where the time totally gets away from you? Yeah, this was one of those nights. By the time I realized what time it was, it was too late to make dinner, so it was a “fend for yourself” kind of night.
  • Friday: Friday nights are just not meant for cooking, are they? Even Jim agreed with me, so we ended up taking Holly to get subs and ice cream. After all, it is still summer, so ice cream is a must.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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